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digitalpharaoh   @ 10:59 am (13 Oct 21)
Micose said: Hi everyone, longtime no see ! just passing by and i wanted to give my sincere condoleances to Nogoodsk8erpunk's family
ledirlo   @ 4:10 am (12 Oct 21)
Jeebus, I'm banned from facebook again, this time I was talking of a referendum about the dealth penalty against politicians, like it used to be in France, it goes against their community standards...they used to be wiped out if they ever messed up with the money
ledirlo   @ 4:06 am (12 Oct 21)
yeah right, syndicates prevent one from finding jobs at all if one is too cheap, prices have to be respected, I don't know whether that still works like that...offers at 10 or even 40* per hour minus the comission, it's not even the price for cheap thumbnail creation or something...pfe-ew...keep faith
genesis2   @ 8:47 pm (11 Oct 21)
You gotta choose the better paying ones.
ledirlo   @ 5:33 am (11 Oct 21)
it looks full of third-world ads with very low prices there so far...I hope it gets better
ledirlo   @ 10:13 am (08 Oct 21)
yeah...batcg colorymetry treatment being the trend for web&print though...noretouching even involved
genesis2   @ 8:38 am (08 Oct 21)
This planet is crawling with people that couldn't chop their way out of a wet paper bag, but they work cheap, so ....
ledirlo   @ 6:19 am (08 Oct 21)
that's...if you team up with a few good guys and make a website, you can always get jobs much more easily than as a freelancer, who always has to have a useless reputation as an "artist"...
ledirlo   @ 6:17 am (08 Oct 21)
back then we had formed a small group, agency like, web based, with a website and well paid jobs were showing up
ledirlo   @ 6:11 am (08 Oct 21)
photo-montages and photo-illustrations are another field, in the way anything fantasy/horror/styley will be depreciated, and only photorealistic "simple" jobs will be considered (unless you do fantasy book covers etc but it doesn't pay much compared to the work it implies)
ledirlo   @ 6:09 am (08 Oct 21)
hmmm...20 years ago here there was Jerry717 who was the official retoucher for Ford cars, he taught me good stuff, especially the fact his and my level implied a hourly 100$ minimum price, and that you can't find jobs if you work for less.Plus there is a syndicate, that's if you work for less you work in another world where prices are too low, that's all, and you don't find work with respectable customers or brands.Photographers taught me so as well. But maybe my price will prove too much on such a platform then.And for this price, I mean "easy" but high-quality retouching of objects, car, color correction and enhancement, pre-print treatments etc
genesis2   @ 11:30 am (07 Oct 21)
Yes prices are very cheap most times, tough to compete with people from Indonesia. but I deal with people that give better rates per image or per hour.
ledirlo   @ 10:29 am (07 Oct 21)
that's good news, do you have to work with cheap prices ? 20 years ago there weren't low prices on the market
genesis2   @ 8:37 am (07 Oct 21)
Yes very often, but I'm choosey at what work I apply for, not interested in full time. Right now as we speak I'm working on 3 separate jobs.
ledirlo   @ 5:50 am (07 Oct 21)
I have published a profile there, do you get work there ?
ledirlo   @ 5:00 am (07 Oct 21)
no genesis, thank you for your suggestion, fiverr sucks.

20 years ago, slower computers and Photoshop CS made for a much faster tool in fact, than nowadays computers.It was way better.I used to be a photoshop expert writing articles and courses for the international specialized press. But things have gone awfull, I'll try upwork right now
genesis2   @ 10:38 am (06 Oct 21)
I use the chops I make here for samples to get some work on
genesis2   @ 10:36 am (06 Oct 21)
I prefer chopping than chat rooms or fb.
Have you tried
ledirlo   @ 5:11 am (06 Oct 21)
photoshoping for a living doesn't let me PS for fun anymore, plus it's become tough to find jobs so it's more trouble than anything.

I admit I preferred PSC 20 years ago where many friendly users would rush to post everyday and would chat and brag and know eachother. Now we old timers are still connected on Facebook.Many users have become real life friends, and some have found love here and married. I prefer this room here than fb but they don't...
genesis2   @ 3:51 pm (05 Oct 21)
So how come you're not back here???
ledirlo   @ 1:10 pm (04 Oct 21)
Since Facebook instagram and whatsapp are down maybe people will come back here Very Happy
candron   @ 7:20 am (04 Oct 21)
Micose said: Hi everyone, longtime no see ! just passing by and i wanted to give my sincere condoleances to Nogoodsk8erpunk's family hello Micose how is life in Canada?
ledirlo   @ 6:54 am (21 Sep 21)
PrinceLaurent didn't know I would wish him well here

Hey Micosovitch
Micose   @ 4:33 am (21 Sep 21)
oh ok lol i just read that the messages where from april. PSC is even deader than dead. did the holders got covid or something ?
Micose   @ 4:00 am (21 Sep 21)
Hi everyone, longtime no see ! just passing by and i wanted to give my sincere condoleances to Nogoodsk8erpunk's family
dbbowling   @ 7:55 am (19 Sep 21)
Masking tool required by all choppers now. Per PSC regulations.
blackstar   @ 7:52 pm (07 Sep 21)
am just visiting for a little moment
blackstar   @ 7:50 pm (07 Sep 21)
kinda sad this site is still the same...anyway check out my gallery here:
blackstar   @ 7:48 pm (07 Sep 21)
If anyone been wondering where I have been, I went to Deviant Art.. its a huge art site with thousand of others... I have been growing my talent and doing other things.
blackstar   @ 7:05 pm (07 Sep 21)
this site has not change
candron   @ 2:48 pm (31 Aug 21)
DaVinci said: Hello PSC friends, have a great day!
Hehe de man uit Breda, hello
DaVinci   @ 6:05 am (23 Aug 21)
Hello PSC friends, have a great day!
pscbuzz   @ 2:17 am (06 Aug 21)
varsitydesign said: Can anyone tell me how to receive prize money please? Thank you!
Please send in the contest details won as mentioned below:
Name of the contest-
Contest held between - 16/03/2021- 19/03/2021
PayPal id-
ledirlo   @ 6:19 am (24 Jul 21)
still lurking an habit I took 20 years ago
genesis2   @ 10:11 am (22 Jul 21)
Looks like i’ve been censored. …So where did everybody go?
genesis2   @ 10:09 am (22 Jul 21)
Where the F
dbbowling   @ 10:39 am (21 Jul 21)
Hello PSC world 😎
RyKai2020   @ 9:02 pm (14 Jul 21)
I’m new here and I am really enjoying the talent and humor displayed in contests. I’d like to see more tips and suggestions in the comments, though. I like to get the thoughts of others. It’s how I learn. 🙂
dbbowling   @ 11:02 am (03 Jul 21)
🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸🎉
candron   @ 2:26 am (29 Jun 21)
time takes away all good things for us.
betdoval   @ 2:07 pm (25 Jun 21)
SCWIDVICIOUS said: what a wasteland this site has become...
I agree with you. I miss so many photoshoppers... L@Rue, Splodge, Scroll, Annajon, Caf8 (Melissa) Tesore, Wess, and many other good challenge partners with their amazing work.
SCWIDVICIOUS   @ 9:05 am (25 Jun 21)
what a wasteland this site has become...
candron   @ 8:30 am (25 Jun 21)
genesis2 said: ....Did you hear the one about the Priest, the Rabbi, and the Photo Chopper? No, tell me
betdoval   @ 1:20 pm (11 Jun 21)
So sad abouta the news. Shocked
I'm an old school, I miss L@Rue, Splodge, Scroll, I think someone don't remember me, like Ledirlo, digitalpharao, but I have meet Arcaico, Tesore, Cafn8, sweet friends im psc. Blackfox, I hope U can find a doner soom!
digitalpharaoh   @ 7:53 pm (08 Jun 21) ledirlo said: Hi candron

Sorry to hear Blackfox, you and l have been chatting a bit in the past, l hopppe you're already doing better

Yes Matt has died
vokaris   @ 9:22 am (08 Jun 21)
Contact rajan via PM
varsitydesign said: Can anyone tell me how to receive prize money please? Thank you!
varsitydesign   @ 12:56 pm (07 Jun 21)
Can anyone tell me how to receive prize money please? Thank you!
genesis2   @ 3:04 pm (04 Jun 21)
....Did you hear the one about the Priest, the Rabbi, and the Photo Chopper?
Gort   @ 1:49 pm (04 Jun 21)
Don't come here much anymore for the chopping.....just come for the comedy
ledirlo   @ 6:48 am (04 Jun 21)
it's a freaking three months span on this page

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